5 Artists From The 90s & Early 2000s That You Didn’t Know Turned Out To Be Gay

5 Artists From The 90s & Early 2000s That You Didn’t Know Turned Out To Be Gay

1. Raven Symone

Raven Symone who actual name is Raven Symone Christine Pearman is an actress, producer, singer, writer that first began her career as the cute little, sweet Olivia Kendall on The Cosby Show in 1989. In 1992 she starred in Hanging with Mr. Cooper as Nicole Lee. In 2003, played Raven Baxter in “That’s So Raven” on the Disney channel.

Symone dated singer, actress and America’s Next Top Mode Contestant Ashley Marie “AzMarie” Livingston from 2012 to 2015. In June 2020, at 34, Symone married Miranda Maday. According to The U.S. Sun Maday is a Social media manager for Off The Menu app that allows users to receive one free restaurant item in L.A. she is an actress and, producer.

2. Monifah

Monifah Carter was an R&B singer from the ’90s. In 1996, she released her first debut album called Mood… Moments. Two years later, Monifah dropped hits like “I Miss You” ft. Heavy D, “You”, and “Touch It” from her second album, Mahogany.

In 2012 she appeared on the hit show R&B Divas Atlanta, with her now wife of 7 years Terez Thorpe, who she married on the season finale of the show in 2014. Their wedding was a historical moment for the Black LGBT Community, as it was two black women getting married on television.

3. Danny Boy

R&B singer Danny Steward aka Danny Boy, 43, from Chicago, Illinois is best known from Tupac’s 1996 hit “I Ain’t Mad At Cha”, “Picture Me Rollin”, and “All Eyez On Me”. Danny Boy, a Death Row artist, made his debut on the Murder Was The Case soundtrack in 1994. He then dropped his first single in 1995 called Slip N Slide.

He finally came out of the closet and admitted to being a gay man in 2016 on Vlad TV. He stated he always experimented with men even at a young age but has always loved women. Furthermore, he still loves women but considers himself a gay man, not bisexual.

Currently, Danny Boy is opening a restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. The restaurant will have seafood, burgers, wings, fish and more.

4. Nicole From Nina Sky

Nicole Albino is 1/2 of the Puerto Rican Group Nina Sky formed with her twin sister, Natalie. Nina Sky had the Reggaeton hits, ‘Move your body’ and ‘Oye mi canto’, the national pride anthem to all Latinos by N.O.R.E..

Now, Nicole is a DJ traveling all over the country and has a daughter with her wife, designer Erin Magee, who she married a second time around while President Obama was still in office after making gay marriage legal in New York City. Recently Nina Sky was on TroyBoi Vibez Volume 4 Soundtrack, with the song Eyez on Me.

5. Amanda Perez

Amanda Perez, 40, from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, had R&B hit songs like “Angel” that dropped in 2002 and Candy Kisses in 2007. “Angel” hit #20 on the hot 100 sales chart. She had other hits like “Never” and “I Pray”. Today Perez is married to her wife Laura Perez, and they welcomed a baby boy on October 2, 2019, named Sebastian King Perez. Furthermore, Perez’s wife Laura sales custom handmade jewelry from the midwest @Charmedbyanita.

Unfortunately, in 2007 Amanda’s mother, Linda Perez, lost her battle to colon cancer. She dedicated the song “Goodbye” to her. But she is currently still doing her music thing, and she just dropped singles in 2020 called “Heartache”, and “Ain’t the Same”. Currently she is on tour.

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