“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”
― Maya Angelou

Queerssip was founded by L.A. who considers themselves to be queer or different. L.A.’s mission is to bring the underground, underrated news and politics to the light from a queer’s perspective. Queerssip will have topics on politics, “conspiracy theories”, LGBT urban news, and a hint of entertainment. L.A believes she is not a “conspiracy theorist”, and that she deals with real facts, not theories but people still like to say conspiracy theories to brush off their stupidity.

Also, check out featured artist, musicians, writers, and social media influencers. Also, don’t forget to check out The L.A. Perspective podcast every Wednesday at 9 pm here or on Spotify. Lastly, Queer is not just about being lesbian, gay or trans. Queer is about being different, not like the others, odd. The word queer first showed up in English around 1513, it meant something not normal, something peculiar, something odd. Odd means different from what is usual or expected. Be yourself even if people don’t expect it.

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