Did You Know Sirius XM Founder Martine Rothblatt Is Transgender?

Did You Know Sirius XM Founder Martine Rothblatt Is Transgender?

30 million people subscribe to the world’s largest satellite radio, Sirius XM. What most people don’t know is the founder of Sirius satellite radio is a transgender woman. 60-year-old Martine Rothblatt is the CEO and founder of Sirius satellite radio and also the founder of the pharmaceutical company United Therapeutics. Furthermore, in 2013, Rothblatt was the highest-paid female executive in the U.S.

Rothblatt had her sex reassignment in the mid-’80s and currently lives as a transgender woman. Rothblatt is married to a real estate broker, Bina Rothblatt. Bina first met Martine as a man that would later transition to becoming a woman. They have been married for 32 years and have 4 adult children including, Gregory Rothblatt, who ran for Congress in the state of Florida. 

Orphan Disease

Rothblatt’s youngest daughter, Jenisis, developed a deadly illness, known as an Orphan disease, and needed a heart transplant at age 6. In an attempt to save her daughter’s life, she developed a biotech company called, United Therapeutics. Her scientific methods, using genetic engineering organs would manufacturer what would help stabilize and normalize her daughter who was once told had only 3 years to live. 

Along with having successful businesses, Rothblatt is also a futurist like Google founder Larry Page. Rothblatt wanted to have a long-lasting life with her wife Bina so much so that she invented a virtual human that reacts and resembles her wife called Bina48.

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