Da Brat Comes Out As Gay: “Feel Like A Caged Bird Set Free”

Da Brat Comes Out As Gay: “Feel Like A Caged Bird Set Free”

Da Brat, the first female rapper to go platinum, finally confirms gay rumors. Da Brat, who’s actual name is Shawntae Harris 46, has never come out as gay. Unlike other celebrities, she brought little to the public eye about her relationships until recently. We knew little about who she was dating or if she was even dating at all.

There has been many speculations about Harris’ bisexuality. Yet she never showed public affection, so no one could confirm Da Brats romantic life with a female. But recently Da Brat did a feature for Variety magazine for their pride issue. They titled it “Da Brat’s Coming Out Story Is 25 Years in the Making”. In a recent interview, she stated her girlfriend was the reason she went public with her gay relationship.

Da Brat’s Comes Out Gay With Girlfriend

Da Brat 2008

Harris’s girlfriend, Jesseca Dupart AKA BB Judy 38, is an out loud social media personality, CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products. She is also a mother and grandmother.

The post that went viral all started when Da Brat and her girlfriend were at Jesseca mother’s home. Jesseca was teasing Da Brat about posting a picture of the two of them on social media. Next thing she knew, Jesseca has posted it up on social media for the public to see. It was an enormous weight lifted off her shoulders; she said. 

Was Da Brat Always Gay?

Da Brat shared on her interview with Kandi Online that while growing up she was as a tomboy, but had no attraction to women. That all changed when she met a female at Columbia Records. That woman became her first girlfriend. At 17-18, when she was SoSoBrat, gay rumors were already circulating. Back then, her mom and closed friends knew of Brat bisexuality.

On Kandi Online, Da Brat compared sharing her love life to the public to a caged bird set free. “It feels good to share with the world when you are happy. She’s the one”.  

However, because of her grandmother’s sanctification in church, she would sacrifice coming out while her grandparents were alive as she didn’t want to disrespect anyone nor bring any criticism to her grandmother. Da Brat dated women and men after her first girlfriend. She dated Allen Iverson in the past, but also disclosed that Allen wasn’t her last boyfriend.

Da Brat Served Time In Prison

In 2007, Da Brat served almost two years jail time for aggravated assault after allegedly hitting a waitress in the face with a liquor bottle. The dispute took place at a nightclub in Tucker, Ga. While doing her time in prison she said inmates would send photos to her from other buildings, and that she had several options. However, she claimed she never messed with anyone in prison.

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She doesn’t consider herself a stud as she likes to wear pink andd get nails done. She says she has been called a stem, which is a cross between a fem and stud.   

Presently, Da Brat is on Tour with The Set it Off Live Stage Production presented by Je’Caryous Johnson. Johnson also produced the stage play, “Two can play that game”. Brat’s role will be Cleo Sims, originally played by Queen Latifah.

Lastly, Da Brat wants to get married but doesn’t want to get Jesseca involved with her legal issues. But they make a great couple, and she definitely completes Da Brat.

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