How To Tell if you are a Butch Lesbian or Lipstick Lesbian?

How To Tell if you are a Butch Lesbian or Lipstick Lesbian?

If you search for the meaning of a lipstick lesbian or butch on the web, you’ll get a combination of suggestions. From a tomboy little girl who doesn’t play with dolls and enjoys playing sports, who then becomes a butch lesbian. Or a female who loves wearing dresses and being feminine is a Lipstick lesbian.

At an early age, society associate chores with gender. If you dislike upholding to female gender duties, this may be a wonderful suggestion that you are not so feminine as society wants you to be. And that’s OK to be a butch lesbian.

However, lipstick lesbian may not mind the female gender duties as they are usually more feminine duties. This just implies that anything associated with femininity or being “lady like” is difficult to add to because your interest lies elsewhere.

A way to tell if you are a Lesbian tomboy or butch is, you are least interested in knowing how to apply make-up. How to contour or pick your right lipstick color may be even less exciting. More than likely, you are all-natural for most of the time and that’s definitely a benefit because hair and make-up is time-consuming. However, lipstick lesbian may like to apply make-up such as lipstick.

Butch Lesbian

In addition, hair styles that require curling irons or hair straighteners, is not so appealing to all butch lesbians. However, putting on a hat, wearing a ponytail or cornrows may be your version of having your hair done. You prefer to just be comfortable than have β€œtrendy styles” any day of the week. For some butch lesbians, life is simpler when you do not have to bother with either hair or make-up.

Butch lesbian fashion apparel is more athletic street wear than skirts or dresses that lipstick lesbians wear. If you had to choose between women’s tight fitting clothing and men’s casual button-down shirts, pants and shorts, the choice would be obvious. And when it comes down to fashion accessories, you care less about necklaces and bracelets, purses or belly chains. Your preference may be just a watch and your wallet, and you’re all set to go.

For some reason or the other, tomboys are hardly ever shown in the media and the lack of role model is unsatisfactory as there are many tomboys out there and more need to be seen regularly. Yet it’s soothing to know that there’s an unique, unmentioned club around for those of us who do not rather fit in with the status quo.

Now, to really tell if you are a Lesbian tomboy, you are all the things mentioned above, but you fantasize about being with a girl. And you fantasize quite a lot. You often daydream whether the female you see looking at you is attracted to you and you may want t get to know more intimately.

After reading this article, we hope you gained some confidence identifying as a Lesbian tomboy. And if you’re single, next time you see a girl you are attracted to, give it a go. She may just be looking for a Lesbian tomboy.

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