HIV/AIDS – Stop It!

HIV/AIDS – Stop It!

HIV/AIDS – Stop It!

AIDS. The very noise of words frightens some and makes the other cringe. Just how did we allow it to get until now? There is no remedy for really a couple of diseases, and AIDS is among them. Yet we still have vulnerable sex, and also we still share unclean needles. HIV/AIDS will never ever be a distant memory, however we can do far better in making the problem less typical.

HIV/AIDS eliminates. In 2004, it was in charge of 3.5 million fatalities internationally. That’s not also the worst of it. 6.4 million people recently gained the virus in the same year! Rather than diminishing the fatal problem, we are increasing it. This requires stopping. It’s as if 3.5 million wasn’t sufficiently dead in 2004, so we increased the numbers for 2005. What are we assuming?!

Mommies can share HELP with their babies while pregnant, giving birth, or breastfeeding, and there is no chance to quit it short of not becoming pregnant. Yet right here is the checklist of avoidable HIV/AIDS transmissions:

  • Penetrative dental, vaginal, or anal sex (Unsafe).
  • Blood transfusion.
  • In healthcare settings.
  • Medication shot.

So if these ways are all preventable, why is HIV/AIDS still such a major issue?

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