How Can The LGBT Fight For Equality When There Is Racism Among The LGBT Community?

How Can The LGBT Fight For Equality When There Is Racism Among The LGBT Community?

Racism seems to be a thing humans just can’t get away from. Every race seems to face bigotry but for some, its worse than others. Most minorities/majorities meaning Black People, Mexicans, Indians, and Asians have experienced generational racism.

Ironically, racialism also exists amongst the LGBT community, although the LGBT themselves have a long history of fighting against inequality. The reality of the LGBT community is that they, too, are segregated and often the minority LGBT encounters racist. For instance, LGBT nightlight. There is the black LGBT club and there is the exclusive white LGBT club. Is that why Atlanta has the Black Pride because most gay prides are dominated by the white LGBT community? Being gay or lesbian doesn’t eliminate racism in one’s mind. So the fact is you can be gay or lesbian and be a racist.

In a YouTube video, named Preference Or Prejudice? | Queer Britain, a young Britain white gay guy went around interviewing and asking Black and Asian gay men about getting discriminated on gay dating sites. A lot of profiles stated ” no blacks ” or Asians or even worse no porch monkeys, n****** or sand n******. This is sad but true. How can the LGBT community fight for rights when they are still playing a huge part in hate and racism themselves?

Also in the video, he asked an Asian gay man was he racist because he stated he only dates white men because they are superior. Why does he feel white people are superior? Let’s be honest here, we all have our own preferences but when you blatantly say another race is superior, that is exactly the definition of racism, believing your or someone’s race is superior over another race. In the LGBT community, racism goes deep when you see on gay dating sites profiles that say no ni88gers or sand-n******, or Asians. You are not talking about your preferences by being utterly offensive, you are a RACIST!

America was started on racism and unfortunately, Caucasians from England and Spain were the ones who stole land from indigenous people and then created their own government, colonies, schools, and laws on the land we now call America.

The indigenous people of Pre-America became slaves and were giving assigned reservations in their own continent. Due to colonization, Caucasians are looked as the superior race, mainly because all faces on money are that of white men and of course colonization all over the globe. Moreover, neo education and the business structure of capitalism was started by white colonizers so logically, the idea that whites are a superior race, as the Asian gay man stated, would only make sense based on this scheme.

The mainstream media has fabricated a horrible depiction of the black race; slaves, criminals, thugs, and other negative stereotypes that for centuries have followed and hunted most black people everywhere they go, even if they’re the furthest of these racial notions. Modern society has played a huge role in executing the mindset of those who are prejudice and racist towards non-white racial-ethnic groups. Most schools don’t educate the real history of black people from all around the world. The educational system largely begins and ends the history of the black race with slaves brought to America in chain migration. When you think of this conceptualization, you get a better understanding of how one is taught to be racist, and often, at a very early age. 

We can’t forget about history as this is the direct result of the destruction in the world today. History is the root cause of hatred and violence towards black people. Black people are indigenous people who were colonized, sold and bought and placed in ghettos to survive in America. Take the land from the people and you take their ancestral identity. How can anyone change when we are still being taught lies in school and not admitting to our wrongs in America and the world? Everyone seems to just go with the flow of life and life seems to be getting worse.

Cancer, diseases, intolerance and the belief that one race is superior to the other is all man-made. When will things change? The fight for LGBT rights should never be looked as the new civil rights because the first civil rights fight still exist and continues until this very day.

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