Could Hal Finney The First Recipient of Bitcoin Come Back To Life After His Death? Science Says Yes

Could Hal Finney The First Recipient of Bitcoin Come Back To Life After His Death? Science Says Yes

Bitcoin is the new global digital currency that came out of nowhere in 2009 by anonymous developer name Satoshi Nakamoto. The creation and founder of Bitcoin is a mystery till this very. But some conspiracy theorist believe the CIA could have created Bitcoins. For instance, Nakamoto in Japanese means Central or in the middle. Satoshi in Japanese means “Enlightened,” “Wise,” or “Intelligent.”  So could Satoshi Nakamoto mean the Central Intelligence Agency? Furthermore, the CIA used Crypto AG, a Swiss encryption company that encrypted devices, to spy on countries highly sensitive information and decode foreign governments messages.

But we do know who was Robert Freitas, Jr. first recipient of a Bitcoin transaction. Hal Finney was a programmer and cryptographer that received 10 bitcoins from Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto in January 2009. Finney was a developer for PGP Corporation and also a computer scientist.

Screenshot: Harold Thomas Finney

Finney is considered the second miner of bitcoins and the one who helped Bitcoin reach its height. A lot is unknown about the supposed creator of Bitcoins. Interestingly, scientists may discover Bitcoin clues in Finney’s cryopreserved “brain wallet.” A brainwallet stores Bitcoins in the brain by memorizing a seed phrase.

If you want to create a brainwallet, use a Bitcoin wallet software to generate a seed phrase and then memorize it. A Bitcoin Wallet can also be implanted under the skin.

In 2014 Martijn Wismeijer had a bitcoin wallet embedded under his skin. There have been many cypherpunks like Hal Finney who is considered a OG cypherpunk got the Bitcoin wallet implanted under his skin. Bitcoin wallet microchip implants cost between $600-$2,500 Per Chip.

Hal Finney Is Being Cryopreserved

Hal Finney died August 28, 2014, and his body was frozen by the Alcor Foundation in Scottsdale, AZ. The Hal became Alcor’s 128th patient of 182 patients as of today. Alcor will try to revive his brain to bring him back to life centuries or decades later. Finney had cryopreservation arrangements with the Alcor Foundation for more than 20 years. Cryopreservations or Cryonics is where a dead person’s body is frozen at a low level and preserved. Freezing the body can help maintain organs that are still good. 

Finney was a futurist and enjoyed technological potentialities of the future, like nanotechnology, the Singularity, Artificial Intelligence, and mind uploading. Also, him and his wife Fran were avid extropians. Extropians believe one may eventually attain immortality by reviving their brains after death. In 2018 The Hal Finney Cryonics Research Fund was founded.

The fund is currently focused on research to:
● Advance the cryopreservation of brain tissue or whole brains, or
● Advance the clinical practice of cryonics, including patient stabilization, transport, and cryopreservation practices.

Hal Finney is not the first to be frozen for later resurrection. There are over 300 frozen bodies in the U.S. and over 2,000 people are on the waiting list to be frozen when they die. No one has ever been resurrected from cryonics but the first ever frozen man James Bedford, could be unfrozen 10 years from now. Many say Bitcoin is a way to mold people into a cashless one world currency ran by the elites. Obviously, there is an agenda for the future. Could the agenda be having the world chipped society to control the masses with technology.

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