Video: A History of LGBT Before Colonialism (Takatāpui)

Video: A History of LGBT Before Colonialism (Takatāpui)

Maori = Pure, Natural, Indigenous

When Europeans came to Aotearoa renamed to New Zealand they were uncomfortable of what they saw with same-sex couples of indigenous people. They brought their laws from Europe and enforced them on the Indigenous people. Soon same sex loving indigenous people would be criminalized by the colonizers. Male gay sex became illegal in New Zealand when the country got colonized by the British Empire in 1840. They also had to abide by English law and being gay was punishable by death for men. 

Scholar Elizabeth Kerekere argues that pre-colonial Maori were sexually experimental people who openly accepted gender and sexual fluidity.

Takatāpui means an intimate relationship with the same sex in the Maori culture.


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