Why are There Still Concentration Camps In America?

Why are There Still Concentration Camps In America?

Did you know that there are several concentration camps in America? Nazi Germany camps were modeled after the United States Civil War camps. Moreover, camps were also used to confine Native Americans during European settlement in America. Thousands of indigenous people were forced from their indigenous land at gunpoint, and forced to prison camps in Alabama and Tennessee.

Concentration camps were and still are located in almost every state throughout the U.S. There were camps in Florence, Arizona that held German and Italian prisoners of war from 1943 until 1946. There was over 30 Michigan POW concentration camps. Moreover, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Hawaii and California all had concentration camps. There is also numerous FEMA camps with coffins or burial vaults that were sighted in Madison, Georgia. These camps serve as detention camps that detain, at times indefinite, citizens and undocumented migrants.

Laws For Concentration Camps

Senator Pat McCarran of Nevada wrote the law, The McCarran Act of 1950 allowed for individuals challenging authority or power to be placed in concentration camps. However, In 1990 due to many sections in the McCarran Act that were unconstitutional, the bill was repealed a few decades later.

The Emergency Detention Act of 1950 or the concentration camp law, which was influenced by World War II internment of over 100,000 Japanese citizens in America. Attorney General J. Howard McGrath in 1952, assigned Tule Lake Segregation Center, a secluded area located in California that forcefully incarcerated Japanese U.S. Citizens.

Source: Communal grave for victims of the Nazi-German Belsen Concentration Camp, April 1945. In the weeks before it’s liberation, weaken prisoners died by the hundreds daily from typhus, typhoid and dysentery

The Patriot Act

Nonetheless, this bill and many laws and acts including the Patriot Act, signed by George W. Bush in 2001, that allows confinement of any U.S. Citizen without releasing the whereabouts of the detainee and/or family and can lawfully detain any person based on mere suspicion. Moreover, America’s crisis with concentration camps was backed by U.S. government funding.

The American people are being kept in the dark about concentration camps. How did they become a part of the modern culture?  Who created them? Who has financed world spread detention facilities? Whom will fill these concentrations camps? Why? These are questions every American should ask themselves. 

Some detention centers are enormous and self-contained with a clinic, school, and library. Like, boarding schools, all are part of the New World Order of worldwide domination. Why so much domination control, one may never get to know. HR 645, National Emergency Centers Establishment Act of 2009 is further evidence that these relocation camps are real. Moreover, they are lawful and justifiable under the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

These important and irrefutable pieces of American history are factors that should not be taken lightly. Every person who is a citizen of this country should take into serious account that concentration camps are real. Lastly, people detained were forced to be confined in such cruel conditions were burned, poisoned, shot, and killed in gas chambers. Will this happen again?

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