Black People Have A Health Crisis Bigger Than Police Brutality or BLM

Black People Have A Health Crisis Bigger Than Police Brutality or BLM

Black people are in a health pandemic and don’t even know it. Blacks supposedly only make up 13% of the population but make up most of the diseases, crimes, and homicides. Furthermore, the focus seems to be primarily on police brutality and violence (Black Lives Matter movement) and not the health crisis. Cancer and heart disease are killing black people at an alarming rate.

Why is media focused on police shootings amongst black men and women? Black people are being exploited and shot and killed by the police. Playing the victim and villain to the world. Yes, it’s tragic when anyone loses their lives from violence. But the primary focus should be on Black people’s health. It’s a tremendous concern. Black people need to be mentally and physically healthy to be able to fight for true peace and real freedom.

Homicides make up a small percentage of deaths in the U.S.

There were 19,000 homicides in 2020, the most it had been in 20 years compared to over a half a million people dying a year from cancer in the U.S.. Cancer and heart disease deaths are alarming in the Black community. Shockingly, half a million people die a year from cancer in the U.S. and over 600,000 lives are taken with heart disease a year in the U.S.. Moreover, Black people make up most of the cancer patients and die from it.

Why Are Black People Dying More Than Any Other Race?

Black people don’t provide their own food or water sources. Furthermore, there is more fast food restaurants, liquor and convenient stores in Black communities than healthy food. Healthy grocery stores are miles away causing most black people to eat high fructose corn syrup processed food. This is causing fatal diseases and an unhealthy lifestyle. Black people get diabetes 77 percent higher than whites. Also, Afro-Americans are 51 percent higher than whites to be obese. Additionally, Black people are living in poverty more than any other race in the U.S.

On top of that according to the you are most likely eating genetically engineered food. There are several crops that many people use on a daily basis like cotton, apples, sugar beet, cornstarch, canola oil, corn syrup, or even granulated sugar. Furthermore, animal products are also genetically engineered like meat, seafood, milk, eggs.

The safety of GMOs is unknown. All genetically modified food are not required to be labeled in America. 80% of the GMO foods are sprayed with Monsanto’s Round Up herbicide spray since 1974. Round Up has the main ingredient Glyphosate which kills weeds. In 2015, The International Agency for Research on Cancer had in a report that glyphosate is a β€œprobable carcinogen.

According to a carcinogen is a chemical that can cause cancer in anyone that is exposed to it. Human contact with glyphosate increases the risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma by 41%.  The U.S. Geological Survey data states that nearly a pound of glyphosate is sprayed on crops for every single person in the country.  

Lastly, there is a study that carcinogens are also in our tap water, and is linked to causing cancers. Some water is contaminated with uranium, radium, disinfectant products, which produces chlorine. Every single day we shower with water that contain carcinogens. This is a health crisis. This cancer health pandemic should be on media every single day. Why isn’t it, is the question?

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