Is Rutina Wesley Still Engaged To Chef Lashonda Cross?

Is Rutina Wesley Still Engaged To Chef Lashonda Cross?

Whether 42-year-old Actress Rutina Wesley, who plays Nova Bordelon on OWN’s Queen Sugar Series, is a lesbian or not. Last time we checked in actual life, Wesley was in a same sex relationship with Louisiana Chef, Lashonda Cross.

Source: Twitter

In November 2019, she announced on her Instagram page that she had said yes! While showing off an engagement ring in a pure white setting of the two looking romantically in love. To tell the truth, this would be the first time she has publicly come out. Prior to this post, Wesley has never been publicly out with the same sex romantically.

Unfortunately, this was the last post of them together, and has since been removed. As a matter of fact, all post of them together and have been deleted. On Wesley’s IG Account, you may find some reference to Lashonda, but those are far in between.       

Despite of her unknown relationship status or how she sexual identifies, she is not afraid to stand up for the LGBT Community. Someone tweeted that the writers for the show needed to come up with a better script for her character.

They felt her character swung both ways (from a gay character to a straight one). She retweeted. “It’s called Bi-sexuality and you don’t have to like or comment about it”. Wesley has had plenty of roles in which her love interests were both male and female.  

Queen Sugar, Season 5, she’s involved with Calvin, who’s a police officer. Wesley’s character, Nova, is a journalist & heir to her family’s sugar cane farm along with her siblings.

Prior to Queen Sugar, she played Tara Thorton, the vampire character on HBO True Blood which aired for 7 seasons, and whose character was also a lesbian or at least bisexual at times. When interviewed whether her character, Tara, should be labeled as a “lesbian” character, Wesley response was that labeling wasn’t really necessary. “You are who you are, and you love who you love”. 

Before then, Rutina played a lesbian cop named Joanne on ABC’s pilot show called Broad Squad in 2015. On NBC drama series, Hannibal her character name Reba McClane wasn’t a lesbian, but she was swirling as her current character Nova.

Rutina however is no stranger to same sex dating nor interracial relationships. Her first marriage was to a white actor name Jacob Fisher, who she met while attending The Juilliard School in NYC. She ended up filing for divorce after 8 years married. 

Although there hasn’t been any updates on Rutina & Lashonda, and not one single recent post is of them together, we are hopeful that Rutina will find love again – whether it be with a woman or man, off or on the screen. 

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