Who Is Gazi Kodzo The Queer Black HitIer?

Who Is Gazi Kodzo The Queer Black HitIer?

30-year-old Gazi Kodzo is a 5’6 flamboyant queer comedian, and revolutionist described as the Black Hitler. Kodzo became viral when he released a video on his YT channel That’s so Gazi, titled “#YesAllWhitePeople. Allegedly meaning all white people are racist. He has over 44,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 13,000 Followers on Instagram.

Kodzo’s commentary consists of black and indigenous people having hundreds of years of oppression under colonialism. As well as white people have created an imperialism system of slavery. As a result, often his realness, and lack of filter, don’t sit well with some people. Transgender YouTuber, Blair White, has called Kodzo the most racist black man alive. Also, YouTuber Elvis The Alien has referred to Kodzo as “The Black Hitler”.

Black Hammer City

Moreover, he is the Commander-in-chief of Black Hammer who founded in 2019. The city is designed to become a sovereign city called Hammer City. They structure this city to be free from colonizers and under colonial rule. On Kodzo’s Go Fund Me, he has raised over $54,000 to build Hammer City.

The Go Fund Me States:
“Colonialism, imperialism, capitalism are crumbling all around us. Hammer City will be the beacon of hope for all colonized people around the world. [And] you’re support is vital to make sure we #BuildHammerCity! Hammer City will have all colonized people come and live where they can have dictatorship over lives, labor, land and resources.”

Nonetheless, Kodzo hopes that Hammer City will one day provide the colonize people’s true liberation.

Stopantisemitism.org, a website dedicated to holding anti-Semites accountable, claims that Kodzo is anti-Semitic and an Anne Frank hater.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Kodzo claims that the first holocaust took place between 1904 to 1908 in Africa. Shark Island AKA “Death Island” was one of five concentration camps in Central Namibia. The German Empire, lynched and killed hundreds of thousands of tribes like the Herero and Nama people. The Indigenous people of Namibia have never received recognition or reparations by the German government.

Gazi Kodzo and The Uhuru Movement

Before BlackHammer, Kodzo was the Secretary General for the African People’s Socialist Party. And a member of the Uhuru Movement founded by Omali Yeshitela. On their website, they explain that African Internationalism is:

A theory that explains the world, and the place and future of Africans in it. African Internationalism recognizes that capitalism, born as a world economy, has its origin in the assault on Africa and the global trade in African captives and the ensuing European onslaught on most of the world.” As of now, Kodzo is no longer associated with this movement”

News outlets have addressed Kodzo as a radical based on his comments and political views. Such as all white people are racist and shouldn’t adopt black children. In addition, he said that white people should pay black people reparations for slavery.

Kodzo has been on several media outlets such as the Jesse Lee Peterson podcast. Unfortunately, the interview did not happen when Kodzo was asked to leave. While leaving, Kodzo yelled at Peterson over comments made against black, trans and gay people.


The Wikipedia states “colonizers may impose their religion, language, economics, and other cultural practices on indigenous peoples“. They have colonized Africa by over seven European countries. Of course, for its abundance of wealth in diamonds and gold. Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, France, and Britain. In addition, the British colonized hundreds of countries including Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Sudan, Zambia.

Similar to Eastern Hemisphere, the Western Hemisphere was facing its own annex during the same era. Spain colonized Mexico and Central America for over 300 years. Colonialism and genocide existed all around the world.

Modern Day Colonization and Slavery

Nevertheless, modern day slavery is a direct consequence of colonization. Unquestionably, colonized people have been taken from their indigenous way of life. Not only from their language but also from their culture and homeland. As a result, countless know very little of themselves. In fact, many countries are in debt and in poverty, with very little resources to self govern or self maintain.

Lastly, you often hear that Africans sold other Africans into slavery. But how many Africans successfully annexed countries and continents till this very day? We’ll wait.

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