Transgender Female Athletes Should Not Compete In Sports

Transgender Female Athletes Should Not Compete In Sports

Transgender female athletes should not compete against a biological female in sports. A transgender female should only compete against other transgender women in sports to make it equal. A biological woman doesn’t have the same muscle mass and strength as a man that has gone through male puberty.

Transgender Female

Transgender female athletes have unfairly dominated women’s sports. They have beaten sport records of biological women. Biology and anatomy don’t change human nature. A lot of transgender female athletes who are competing in sports with biological women have not had sex reassignment changes, so they still have their male sexual parts.

So, what is equal about a transgender female competing against a biological born female that was born with estrogen, a vagina, womb, and uterus? 

Transgender Women In Sports

There are many transgender female athletes right now dominating women’s college basketball and sports. Mack Beggs, a transgender female, won the Texas State Girl Wrestling Title. Terry Miller, another transgender female, won the gold medal in the 100m and 200m race.

The problem is, transgender women who are competing against biological women have gone through male puberty. Most likely they are going to be taller, have a better reach, greater stride, bigger hearts, and more red blood cells than a cis female.

For instance, Mary Gregory, a transgender female, has broken 4 cis women’s records in weight lifting. Gregory competed in 9 weight lifting tournaments and won all of them. Just because you’re a biological man that feels like they are in the wrong body doesn’t stop the fact that this person was still born biologically a male. While taking estrogen hormones it does not change someone’s DNA, XY chromosomes, height, arm length, or bone structure.

I stand for everybody and all people. Everybody should be who they want to be, no matter what. But we can’t change biology and the human anatomy. We can’t change the fact that women are born with estrogen, wombs, breast, and a uterus.

Some transgender men can still have babies because they still have a uterus. That’s my point of saying that you just can’t change biology. You can’t change the dynamics of the human body. To be fair, transgender women should compete against each other and biological females should compete against each other as they have already been doing.

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