R&B Singer Amanda Perez Has A New Hot Single, Heartache

R&B Singer Amanda Perez Has A New Hot Single, Heartache

40-year-old Latin Rapper Amanda Perez is back with a new single called, Heartbreak. Many remember this Mexican American Artist and Songwriter from her 2003 hit song, Angel, which she wrote and the hit Candy Kisses from 2007. The single was from her second Album, titled Angel. The song made the billboard Pop charts #3 and put her Album on the Top 40 billboards chart for R&B/Hip Hop Album.    

Amanda, one of the few out Lesbians in the industry during the early 2000s sporting an eyebrow piercing, baggy pants and cornrows to the back, was first signed in 2001 to Universal. Amanda credits Universal for allowing her to be herself. She says they never had a problem with whom she was or what she dressed like. She donated 22 inches of her hair and currently wears a bald head. After taking more than a few years off, Amanda is now an Independent Artist having more creative control of her brand.    

Amanda is still making music, recently going on tour with Baby Bash, Frankie J, and MC Magic. She has started a family with her girlfriend Laura and celebrated her one-year-old son’s birthday on October 1st after 4 attempts at trying to start a family with her partner. She also has a YouTube Channel, Amanda Perez, and here video Angel has gotten over 20 million views.  

Watch Heartache below: 

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