Notorious RBG Fighter for Women and LGBTQ Rights Has Died At 87

Notorious RBG Fighter for Women and LGBTQ Rights Has Died At 87

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg aka “Notorious RBG” born 1933 in Brooklyn, New York has died at 87, the Supreme Court confirmed. She has been a fighter for many things, including cancer. Ginsburg has been fighting pancreatic cancer, which succumbed her. Moreover, she was diagnosed with colon cancer over two decades ago. She is a truly a fighter of all things, including LGBTQ and gender rights.

Ginsburg has been sick for years. She hoped to live until she was 90, but her battle with pancreatic cancer ended a couple of years of her turning 90. Rumors going around for years because of her sickness that if she dies President Trump will nominate a conservative extremist to take her place as one of the Justice of the Supreme Court. As we know, no one can take Ginsburg place. The presidential election is in less than two months away and her death could cause big political consequences.

Ginsburg will be missed by all, especially from the LGBTQ community. She was very outspoken on LGBTQ issues and rights. For over 27 years she always sided with the LGBTQ community. Moreover, she was the first Justice to perform a same-sex wedding.

Furthermore, she was a huge fighter for women’s rights as she experienced discrimination being a woman herself. They rejected her after law school as the supreme court clerkship because she was a woman. Soon after, she began fighting for women’s rights and equal pay. In 1993 President Clinton appointed her as a Justice of the Supreme Court.

Days before her death she stated to her granddaughter Clara Spera: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed”. She was the second woman Justice. Her fight and legacy will forever live on.

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