Niecy Nash Marries Soul and Rock N Roll Singer Jessica Betts

Niecy Nash Marries Soul and Rock N Roll Singer Jessica Betts

Niecy Nash Tied The Knot To Rock N Roll Singer Jessica Betts

Niecy Nash is best known for her roles in ‘When They See Us’, and playing deputy Raineesha Williams on Reno 911. The 50-year-old Emmy Award Nominee just broke the internet by revealing her marriage to a woman.

She tagged her now-wife Jessica Betts, IG account @JessicaBettsMusic, and the hashtag #LoveWins. On the post, with over 400,000 thousand likes, read the caption: Mrs. Carol Denise Betts. Carol Denise Ensley is Niecy Nash’s actual name. Her stage name, Niecy Nash, comes from her first husband, Don Nash.

Niecy Nash is an actress on the Claws shoe and in 2018, Jessica Betts performed her song, ‘Catch Me’, on an episode of Claws. Many speculate this is when they met. In 2016, Niecy posted that she was a fan of Jessica, who was also 2015 contestant and winner of Missy Elliot, Road to Stardom.

Niecy new relationship was a surprise too many as the union between the two was a secret from the public because of no previous post of them together. Not to mention, after years of being married to Jay Tucker, Niecy on Essence News last year, she gave marital advice saying, “A BJ [Blow Job] a day keeps the divorce attorney away”. Affirming her statement with, “I said what I said”. Unfortunately, the marriage did not remain and Niecy divorce to husband Jay Tucker was just completed 6 months ago in March.

According to TMZ, the official date of separation between her and Jay was June 2019, shortly after 8 years of marriage. From the divorce settlement claim, Niecy got to keep her house, car – a 2016 Tesla, and her cut in property sales from a home they shared.

However, after less than two months of legally being separated, Niecy tied another knot and this time around it’s with a woman.  Although Niecy has always been an advocate ally to the LGBT community, few knew that Niecy herself was part of the LGBT.  Jessie is from Chicago. Both dressed in all white with Niecy is a dress and Jessie in a suit.

Niecy Nash at the HBO Post Emmy Award Party. 09-21-08

Many remember the actress and her husband, Jay Tucker, who she freshly just divorced. In 2012, they shared a beautiful wedding special on TLC, following a reality show on the same network, called Leave it to Niecy. Niecy doesn’t have any kids with Jay, but those have three children, 2 girls, and 1 son, with her previous husband, Don, who was an ordained minister.

Her eldest daughter is a model for Savage X Fenty, which is the Singers, Rhianna brand. The relationship between Jessica and Niecy may be fairly new, but either way, we welcome Niecy to the community and can’t wait for what’s next to come between the newlyweds. 

In a recent interview with People’s Magazine, Niecy says that her marrying her wife has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with her soul. She reveals she doesn’t consider this a “coming out” since she lives her life at her own terms. Referencing being married to ten men prior to marrying a woman. She goes on to say that at that time she loved those people and now she loves who she loves.

In photos and videos shared by them, you can see Jessica with a headset nad microphone, and guitar performing a song for her new bride. In People’s Magazine Niecy and her wife are seating on a white bench with Niecy wearing converse shoes with pride color soles. She said the two had met in 2015 on Social media, while Nash was married at the time, they never looked at each other romantically until after her divorce. In the interview she reveals how Jessica proposed to her after “driving Jessica crazy all day”. According to Niecy, Jessica gave her a ring and she had a ring for her too.

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