Netflix Film: Lesbian Love For More Than 65 Years Hidden

Netflix Film: Lesbian Love For More Than 65 Years Hidden

Terry Donahue, a Canadian baseball player, and Pat Henschel share their hidden love in the Netflix documentary “Secret Love”. The lesbian couple hid their romantic love from their friends and family for over 65 years. After 60 years of being in a hidden relationship, they finally came out to their family members. Donahue and Henschel were also co-workers for over 26 years at a high-end design company in Chicago once Terry’s baseball career was over.

Being homosexual in the 40s was not accepted in mainstream society as it is today. Many gays and lesbians in the 40s experienced raids at gay and lesbian clubs and bars. In the 40s, gays and lesbians got locked up for being homosexual. Furthermore, lesbians that wore fly-front pants got arrested for dressing like a man. Therefore, same-sex couples had to hide their secret love for each other like Terry and Pat.

Their love was hidden because of a homophobic society and the homophobic family that they believed would not have accepted their same-sex Love. “Secret Love” is a phenomenal movie about genuine love from two women who kept it a secret for 65 years. Watch Secret Love on Netflix.

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