Domo Wilson Living Her Truth As A Bisexual Woman

Domo Wilson Living Her Truth As A Bisexual Woman

Domo Wilson

"Do yall not know what dating two different genders mean?" - Domo Wilson

Domo Wilson has been a YouTube sensation for many years with over 1.79 million subscribers. She also has a son named Dominique who is now 5  years old. Back in 2018, after the breakup with her girlfriend Crissy, she came out as bisexual. Wilson stated she has never been able to fully admit it, but that is just who she is.

Wilson did a video titled “I Am Bisexual“. She debated rather she wanted to do the “I’m Bisexual” video. But she then recognized this is a big part of who she is and is no longer going to hide it. She went back and forth asking herself was it anybodies business if she was bisexual. She contemplated to come out to be attracted to both sexes and finally she came out to the world.

Wilson said she has been trying to figure out who she is. Furthermore, she discussed being super masculine, to super girly, to really depressed, to really happy. She was trying to find herself and stated now that she has come out as bisexual this is the happiest she has been in her entire life.

She is bi-sexual and has always stated she was a no label. She said it took her a long time to figure out who she was and to find herself. At 24 she was trying to find herself and figure out who she really was. She didn’t know who she was or who she wanted to be and for the first time in her life she revealed she actually loves herself. In her video titled’ “I’m Bisexual” she talks about coming out at 13/14 as bisexual.

Explaining Her Sexuality

Wilson stated she knew she was attracted to guys but once she figured out females she was extremely attracted to women. When she was younger she dressed more masculine so women would come on to her. When she was 15 she came out as bisexual to her mother. but at the time she was really just trying to find herself. 

As a  sophomore in high school she fell in love with a girl and marked herself a full-blown lesbian. Up until she was 20 years old she started to question her sexuality and just marked herself as a no label. She was ashamed to admit she was bisexual but now she is no longer ashame.

"Hell nah, I ain't dating no Man"

Wilson made a video titled “Am I going to start dating guys”? She said “hell nah, I ain’t dating no man”, just because I change my hair up does not escape the fact that I still like punani”. Wilson stated that she never could fully admit that she was bisexual. 

Wilson stated she changed her girly ways and became more masculine when she was dating her ex-girlfriend, Crissy. Last year she allegedly dated a guy named Lou Valentino, who is also a social media influencer, but that didn’t last long. Supposedly, her song “Toxic” is about him.

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