13 Lesbian YouTube Couples To Watch and Follow

13 Lesbian YouTube Couples To Watch and Follow

Below are 13 lesbian YouTube couples to binge-watch during quarantine or just on your chill and downtime.

1. EzeeXNatalie

In the 4 years of Young Ezee’s and Natalie’s friendship, fans made many speculations between Natalie & Ezee; are they just friends and business partners? Or did they have a discreet relationship for the sake of Natalie, who was straight at the time?

Now recently the tables have changed. Young Ezee confessed her love to Natalie, and Natalie confessed she was also in love with Young Ezee. Watch the video below of Young Ezee confessing her love to her straight best friend, Natalie Odell.

2. Jamila and Sequena “Que”

This married lesbian couple has a 5-year age difference and has been together for over 6 years. They share a home together with their dog and started a family. Que is the stud and got pregnant via IUI. Get a glimpse of Q & Mila flying together, vacationing together, and raising a child. Recently they won YouTube Next up, which is a boot camp for the next generation creators. Jamila has a beautiful wide smile, and the love shared between these two is worth watching.

3. Leelee and Gramz  (Broke Up)

Leelee and Gramz are in their early 30s, from Chattanooga TN. They do skits, pranks and have a cooking segment called Cooking with Tha Yungn. Leelee, the fem, likes to talk about hair and lingerie.

Gramz, the stud, and CEO of Eryn Finessco Clothing got arrested at Walmart on the day of their anniversary on November 14, 2018. She got handcuffed and thrown to the ground by the Police. Allegedly the security at Walmart thought she stole cat food. Also, recently, Gramz found her sister on ancestry.com after being a part most of their lives. The story was very emotional and uplifting. Watch the video below.

4. P&J TV

Precious & Jay started a YouTube channel together in 2018. Have grown to over 244 thousand subscribers. The 2-year-old couple met on Instagram after Jay slipped into P.’s DM. After being in a long-distance relationship for a few months, the two moved in together and live in New Jersey.  

5. Liana & Chrys – Meet The Sullivans

Like every other Youtube couple, The Sullivans partake in trendy challenges, battles, and a cooking segment called Cooking with Liana and Chrys. Chrys is a tattoo artist and has a 15-year son she had naturally. She also has a child with her ex-girlfriend who appears on their Youtube occasionally. Within the last year, they expanded the family by having a little girl together.

6. Rolling with the Benns 

Ashlee and Whitney YouTube include doing pranks on each other, and vlogging family life, which includes going into the desert to shoot shotguns with Whitney’s son, Messiah. Their first YouTube channel introduction was one year ago and featured the Benn’s Lesbian wedding. One year later, they welcomed a baby girl name Jodeci. You can catch the entire in vitro process on their channel.

7. Kayla and Sye 

This young, beautiful couple started as a long-distance relationship and even chronicles their first time meeting each other. Since then, Sye moved in with Kyla and they have started a YouTube channel together. Some of their funniest videos together are the clothing swap challenge, pranks, storytime, and their daily routines. They also vlog. Catch them going mountain climbing together, shopping, and doing yoga. Sye loves doing makeup and hair tutorials and occasionally will post that too.

8. Tae and Lou 

Tae and Lou may have the best seafood mukbangs of all lesbian YouTube couples. From supersize colossal lobster, green-lipped mussel and clams, shrimps seafood boils – they may have tried it all. When they mukbangs they also do story time and challenges. They try international snacks too. Both Lou and Tae have cooking skills, which they record and post on their channel too.

9. Shamika and Tamika TV

Shamika and Tamika TV are a married couple from Boston, Ma. They do reaction videos, pranks, and vlogs. Tamika is a stud and does music. A lot of her music can be heard in the intro of her videos. They are a Lesbian couple growing their channel quickly. Check them out and follow.

10. Chanel and Ohmyla ( Broke Up)

Ohmyla is a rapper who hails from London. She came to the states and met Chanel Richie her girlfriend. Together they created Chanel and Ohmyla TV. You can see this vegan couple take adventures together and take on trending challenges. Ohmyla likes to hit on topics that revolve around her gender. Many of their viewers question Ohmyla’s gender, but they are not afraid to address whether she is transgender.

11. Steph and Tasha 

Step and Tasha are a mukbang channel that has skyrocketed to over 600,000 subscribers. This married couple has one teenage son and finds fun in anything. On their channel, they have seafood boils, pranks, and story times. They have a vlog channel too, where fans can get to know more about their personal lives.

12. 2MomCulture

2MomCulture is all about the Johnson Family Channel! They are Two Moms Red and Ashley raising two beautiful boys! Their channel content is family vlogs, parenting, cooking, storytime, and more. They add new content every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Furthermore, they have content for everyone and all ages.

13. Lesbiasianz ( Channel is down)

Lina & Diana are an Asian Lesbian couple. Lina is Thai & Diana is Vietnamese and Caucasian. They have been together for over 6 years and Youtubers for 5 years. They met in college and were in a sorority together. Aside from two trips and challenges, they upload mukbangs and adventures that include the two of them and the dog they adopted.  

If you have a favorite lesbian couple, you like to watch on YouTube, let us know in the comments below.

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