Have You Watched The I Want My Sex Back Documentary?

Have You Watched The I Want My Sex Back Documentary?

In the documentary, I Want My Sex Back by RT.com is aboutΒ three trans men who regret transitioning and now want to or have transitioned back to their biological sex at birth. Walt, Billy, and Rene were all born male and did not feel comfortable as being a boy. All three of them decided to have sex reassignment surgery to become women.

In the end, they regretted their decision, and two of the transgender females Walt and Billy decided to de-transition back to their original gender at birth and have since been involved in heterosexual relationships. Furthermore, they revealed how they can’t have any sexual gratification anymore due to sex reassignment surgery.

In the documentary, they believe reassignment surgeries are nothing but plastic surgery. For them, sex reassignment surgery didn’t relieve the discomfort and the gender dysphoria that they thought would be eliminated once they had successfully become the gender that they have always dreamed of. Sadly, they say, the gender dysphoria is always there and that after surgery many, like themselves, are left not liking who they have become.

Sex Reassignment Surgery

Walt Heyer a past transgender woman, began to take hormone therapy at age 20, and at the age of 40 became male to female. 10 years later, Walt has transitioned back to a male to cure his gender identity disorder in 1983. 35 years later, he is now married to his wife of over 20 years and lives as a straight man. Heyer has a website sexchangeregret.comΒ Β for others who regret sex reassignment surgery or to prevent suicide. Heyer says being sexually abused was a trigger point to wanting to change genders and for his suicide attempt.

Billy, like Walt, was also sexually abused. He lived as a woman for seven years. Five years after the procedure, Billy says he was better off being who he was before the surgery. He discloses how he continued to have the same problems, emotionally and psychologically. He has now de-transitioned but says he has even more problems trying to pass in his new gender role as a man.

Renee is a 60-year-old trans female who regrets transitioning. She is an 8-time book author and has written several on transsexuality. She began to cross-dress at age 18 and in 1990 in hopes of finally feeling complete had the male to female operation. She says she has never been able to be sexually active as the vagina that is created is so small and having intercourse doesn’t provide any pleasure and in fact, is very painful for Renee.

After 40 years of living MTF, Renee shares that life hasn’t been any better nor solved any problems. “Sex change surgery will ruin your life”, warns Renee Jax in one of her books called, “Don’t get on the plane”.

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