Redd From ‘The Bad Girls Club’ Season 12 and 13 and Lil Bit

Redd From ‘The Bad Girls Club’ Season 12 and 13 and Lil Bit

In 2006, Alyssa ‘Redd’ Carswell from Oxygen’s Reality Show The Bad Girls Club Chicago was best known for being the crazy, hot-tempered ‘Lucious Loudmouth’. Redd was on seasons 12 and 13. Now, Redd is back with a YouTube channel alongside her girlfriend, Lil Bit of 6 years.

They have over 190,000 subscribers and growing fast. On their first video together, Redd shares details on how she met her girlfriend Lil Bit in the Leon County Jail in Tallahassee, FL.

Supposedly, Redd was on probation for a stolen property charge from 2012 and had to get drug tested regularly. In 2014, after failing the drug test, because of smoking marijuana, a warrant got issued for her arrest. Shortly after, she surrendered herself to the Tallahassee, Florida county jail. They sentenced her to approximately 11 months in jail.

How They Met?

That is where the love story between her and her girlfriend Lil Bit begins. They both had significant others when they met, but that didn’t stop their love for each other. Watch Redd and her girlfriend, Lil Bit, on their YouTube channel called The US Outsiders. They showcase funny real-life pranks, challenges, and vlogs.

I will forever remember Redd as the BGC member who spits on and took a bite out of none other than Bad Girls Club original cast, Natalie Nunn’s arm. Natalie filed a battery charge against Redd. The charge was later thrown out because of lack of evidence. Aside from that, Redd was the first in history to break the ‘No Jump’ rule. She also was the first Bad Girl ever to be kicked out of the house twice.

Watch their first video below and get to know them from the outside. They seem to have a great relationship, genuine love, and down for one another.

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