LGBT Rapper Natalie O AKA Natalie Odell Is The Black Khaleesi

LGBT Rapper Natalie O AKA Natalie Odell Is The Black Khaleesi

Natalie ODell

29-year-old, Natalie O’Dell is no stranger to talent as she hails from a family with musical genes. After all, her young sister, Jasena O’Dell is a soulful singer, and her brother, Josh AKA Hymn is also a rap music artist and beatmaker. No surprise either that all three siblings are Youtubers. In fact, Natalie, who’s the middle child, used to have a channel with her brother Hymn, Zasha Santiago, his then-girlfriend and now the mother of his 2 children.

And, fellow YouTuber, Young Ezee who was her then best friend turned girlfriend called, The Family Project. They all now have their own Youtube channel, after a fallout between Hymn & Ezee. Hymn & Zasha kept the channel while Natalie & Ezee came out with their own couples channel titled, EzeeXNatalie.

Hymn not only came out with the idea to turn his sister, Natalie into a rapper, Natalie-O. He was also the creative force behind the lyrics to the record single, titled, Black Khaleesi, and even shot the entire music video for the single. The name of the single, Black Khaleesi, is inspired by Game of Throne’s fictional character, Queen Dany Targaryen Khaleesi. Queen Khalessi, is from a place called Old Valyria where they preserve light skin and hair color by generation inbreeding. Hence, “Black” Khaleesi.  

On his Youtube Channel, HYMNxIRL, Hymn made a 3 part series in which he documents turning Natalie into Natalie-O, the rapper. In the video “I TURN MY SISTER INTO A RAPPER in 24 hrs”, viewers watched Hymn pitching the idea to Natalie. Although it took some convincing as he was faced with some hesitation from Natalie she eventually gave in and ultimately, executed the challenge.

The song is easily given fellow female superstars, Beyonce & Rappers Mulatto or Bia vibes. It’s a mix of a smooth and sexy women’s empowering anthem as Natalie raps, “body looks like I got it done” nonetheless, Natalie is all-natural. In the song, she also shouts out “Neezy” (Natalie and Ezee’s name together) and Ezee also makes an appearance in the music video making the LGBT community proud, nonetheless.  

Many of her fans are already obsessed with the song, calling for the catchy song to be published on Apple Music and Spotify. Who knows if Natalie will pursue a musical career or if it’s Ezee turn to perform as a music performer. One thing is for sure fans want to hear Natalie record a song with her brother and sister. Not only does this family have a fun and bubbly personality watching them as creatives are genius and fans will continue to wait for more. 

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