User Submitted Post: Iran Cancer Epidemic

User Submitted Post: Iran Cancer Epidemic


I am Iranian trans woman fighting the cancer epidemic in her country. I am a pediatric oncologist by training and I want as many people as possible to know what a terrible situation our people are in. Because of the lack of qualified doctors, necessary medical equipment, medicines and methods of early disease detection, most diagnoses are made at a late stage, which leads to a very high mortality rate.

Hundreds of thousands of people die prematurely every year in our country alone. Most people believe, not only in Iran but all over the world, that cancers appear spontaneously, by chance. 

This is a profound misconception.

Using the example of our country, we see a direct link in the lack of quality food in the diet of people, the necessary macro and micro elements and vitamins, as well as the abuse of convenience foods, in the appearance of the most common cancers – gut, stomach and genitourinary system. In simple terms, a long, improper diet of foods grown with pesticides and chemical substitutes in their composition leads to a high risk of cancerous tumors. Spend some time and read the popular scientific literature on the subject. This is not just a problem for poor and developing countries.

Within the next thirty years, one in five people on our planet will be diagnosed with cancer and die prematurely. In fact, trouble will come to every family.
Already now, in some countries of the world, cancer has overtaken the invariable leader in terms of mortality rates – diseases of the cardiovascular system. I have always admired the LGBT community. They are fearless, free people, ready to defend their views and beliefs to the last breath.

I’m glad to be a part of it. It gives me the strength and confidence to continue my fight. It’s no secret that people like me are being killed in Iran. Killed for being different. Growing my hair long, putting on beautiful makeup, and wearing a beautiful dress to walk around the city in a free country is my dream. And I could have tried to make it come true long ago by leaving the country, but how could I look into my eyes when I saw them in the reflection of the mirror?

My home needs me. People need me.

With the help of intrepid people and simple but insanely brave pharmacists, we manage to smuggle in a number of medications and painkillers that help people get through their last months and days of life a little easier. Unfortunately, this is often the only thing we can do to help. Because of the situation in the country, we are powerless to change medicine and management’s attitude toward it. That’s why we decided to do things differently.

Most diseases are the result of people not understanding how the human body works. What an important role good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle play in it.
People take eating for granted.
“The main thing is to eat anything so as to be full,” they think. By opening people’s eyes to the importance of natural foods, we change their perception of things.

When people get this knowledge and are in the grocery store, they realize that most of the products on the shelves are poisons, slowly and irreversibly destroying their bodies.Thanks to us, they are changing their habits.

Children are the most important thing we have. It is to them, first of all, we must give this knowledge.
But sometimes simple words are not enough. We need quality literature and detailed popular science films on the topic. We have come up with the main theses.

All that remains is to group it, visualize it, and translate it into every possible language of the world. We know how to correctly and in simple language to convey the truth about cancer not only to Islamic people, but to the rest of the world. For this we need your help, friends.I don’t ask for your money, because I know how hard it is to get.I am only asking you to tell this story, which may be seen by people with a big soul and a pure heart, able to contribute to our cause.

Iran is a closed country. We face the death penalty for our work and beliefs, so we have to hide our identities, working and interacting with the outside world anonymously. This is why we need help from other people from free countries. Journalists can make a huge contribution by publishing a text interview with me, in which I will explain everything in detail.

I created a Twitter page and I will use it for short news and links to my Bastyon page, where the results of our work and popular science works we are currently developing will be published.

I will also be looking here for professionals in their field who are willing to help us. Right now we need several 3D animators and good translators, in different languages, able to explain complex scientific and medical terms in simple words.

Thanks for your time !

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