Big Freedia’s “Got a Gun” Documentary On Gun Violence In The Nola Is A Must See

Big Freedia’s “Got a Gun” Documentary On Gun Violence In The Nola Is A Must See

Big Freedia discusses gun violence in the “Got a Gun” documentary. It is a must-see film. It entails the epidemic of gun violence in New Orleans, Louisiana, and how people fall victim to gun violence. In 2018, New Orleans, Louisiana had the highest homicide rate in the United States. Moreover, in 2019, 92% of the homicides victims were Black. These are very alarming statistics.

Freedia is no stranger to death in 2014 she sadly lost her mother Vera Ross to spinal and lung cancer. Shockingly, In 2018, Freedia’s brother, Adam Ross, 35, was killed in New Orleans. In the documentary, Freedia shares how she knows 60 to 70 people who have lost their lives to gun violence.

Anthony Barre aka Messy Mya

Gun violence is nothing new to New Orleans. In 2016, Big Freedia was featured in Beyonce’s Formation song. Another popular New Orleans bounce artist, comedian, and YouTuber name Anthony Barre aka Messy Mya was also featured in the song. Messy Mya did the introduction of Formation saying, “What happened in the New Wildin” and “Bi*ch I’m back by popular demand”.

Unfortunately, at 22 years old, Messy Mya was killed on Nov 14, 2010, in The Nola after leaving his baby mamma’s baby shower. It startled many of his followers through a tweet he posted on his Twitter the very same day he was murdered.

He tweeted “I wonder what people think about just before they are about to die”.

6 years later in February 2017, Messy Mya’s sister, Angel, sued Beyonce for sampling Messy Mya’s voice on the Formation song without consent. Angel was asking for royalties and song credit. They settled the case out of court. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Singer Monica, and Model Kimora Lee Simmons, all tweeted in memory of Messy Mya.

Magnolia Shorty

Sadly, another New Orleans rapper was murdered. Cash Money bounce rapper Renetta Lowe aka Magnolia Shorty “The Queen of Bounce” was gunned down on Dec. 20, 2010, at 28. Only a month later after Messy Mya was murdered. She was driving up to her gated community and was fatally shot 26 times.

Crime In America

Violence in America is astonishing. 55% of murders in America are with guns. You often hear black people make up 13% of the population and commit 80% of the crimes. Run down homes, project apartments, drug-infested neighborhoods, violence, murders, discrimination, racism, and guns. These types of environments create havoc and chaos, and then chaos creates a culture of violence.

Young kids grow up seeing, drugs, guns, and violence and that becomes the norm and glorified. In the “Freedia’s Got a Gun” documentary she visits prisons and schools in Nola to talk to teens about gun violence and how to stop it. The violence in black neighborhoods is astonishing. 

Adults and children are being shot in their homes while dancing, talking, laughing, singing, and playing. Sadly, a lot of Black people grow up in not-so-pleasant conditions. Black kids and teens in middle and high school are carrying guns. A lot of them have looked gun violence right in the face, losing parents, loved ones, and friends to guns.

How can we stop gun violence? First, talk to your troubled child or someone you suspect of being in trouble. A village raises a child. Lastly, remember, the root of anger and disparity usually starts at home.

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