What Does Stem Mean In The LGBT Community?

What Does Stem Mean In The LGBT Community?

The LGBTQ+ community has many meanings to define them, and extra terminology is being added all the time. Like a stem. Many people think of a stem as part of a plant. But what is a stem in the LGBT world? Based on the Queer Resource Center Of the Claremont Colleges LGBTQ Glossary, a stem is a person whose gender expression falls somewhere between a stud and a femme.

In the Urban Dictionary a stem is a lesbian who dresses in man’s clothing and appears as a stud, but may wear makeup or have longer hair. She is a tomboy but still has much of her feminine side. A stem is a subcategory for a cross between the two.

What is a Stud and Femme?

A Stud in the LGBT community is a Lesbian who dresses and is more masculine. A femme is a Lesbian who dresses and is feminine. So simply put, a stem in the LGBT community is just a mixture of both stud and femme.

The L- Word Star Katherine Moennig

People who may identify as Stems are Social media influencer Amber Closet. On her YT Channel, she discuss being a “stem”. According to Amber Closet, traits on a stem are a tomboy, tomgirl and half and half.

The L- Word Star Katherine Moennig who portrays Shane McCutcheon could also be a considered a stem, or soft butch in the LGBTQ community.

Even though Da Brat doesn’t label herself, she said people from the LGBT community see her as a stem. There are over fifty LGBTQ+ terms. Sexuality and gender identity can be complex. Life is complex and can very complicated. But you can’t let that stop you from living, or being yourself. There is no wrong or right with sexuality or gender. Just be you and embrace it. Remember, there is only one you rather you are a stud, femme, stem, trans person, or no label.

Watch Video below “Being Masculine and Feminine As A Stem: The Black Lesbian Handbook.”

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